What Is An IMEI Tracker Number?

Did you know that every phone has its own unique 15-digit number? Known as the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number, or IMEI, this code helps companies track the products they create as well as manage where it is sold. In addition, it can be used to blacklist your phone if it is stolen, or even help you find it.


Finding Your Phone

E-mail addresses like cop@vsnl.net helped to popularize the idea of recovering a stolen or lost phone by tracking it. While cop@vsnl.net is no longer working, there are countless other websites out there that can help you track where your phone may be. Accuracy and reliability of these services depend on the nature of your phone, whether or not it is being used, and whether or not the website or e-mail providing the service is legit.

Disconnecting Service

The IMEI tracker number can also be used to blacklist your phone from working with most service providers around the world. To do this, contact your service provider and request this service. They will make a note regarding the IMEI number, and eventually all major carriers will no longer allow service from that number. In addition, it is recommended that you contact the police and report the theft.

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